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Stem Cell Therapy In
Charlotte, North Carolina

Stem cell treatment is a holistic self-healing technique of the body enabling an independent and pain-free lifestyle. The Life Altering Stem Cell Therapy Institute is an ideal clinic for patients from Charlotte, North Carolina who are looking for affordable stem cell therapy solutions. We source mesenchymal stem cells from the human umbilical cord (Wharton’s Jelly) with regenerative abilities to treat a wide range of conditions. We are an American-owned and operated focussing on improving your overall health by following the safety standards of care and innovation for regenerative medicine applications.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Affordable Medical Tourism and Stem Cell Treatment for Charlotte, North Carolina Patients

LASCTI is a leading institution with customized and holistic regenerative therapy solutions in Mazatlán, Mexico. So, if you are looking for cutting-edge medical solutions, we bring to you the safest and non-invasive techniques that improve your health and lifestyle significantly. Stem cells can tackle the effects and eliminate the sources of fatal autoimmune, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal diseases significantly. Enrich your experience of medical treatment with our medical tourism facilities in Mazatlán. Get your conditions treated while enjoying the distinct culture, history, and scenic landscapes of Mexico during your treatment visit. Contact LASCTI stem cell center for patients in Charlotte, North Carolina looking for quick and safe recovery options.


Know More About Stem Cell Therapy In Charlotte

Check out the cost and benefits of stem cell therapy at our clinic for Charlotte, North Carolina patients -

Why People Trust Life Altering Stem Cell Therapy Institute

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20+ Conditions Treated

Our stem cell therapy is a new ray of hope for patients from chronic and life-impacting diseases.

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Experienced Doctors

Get exceptional treatment and care from top-qualified and highly experienced doctors and stem cell specialists.

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Advanced Stem Cell Treatment

We use allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells derived from the umbilical cord to treat complex health conditions.

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1,200+ Satisfied Patients

Our long list of 1,200+ super happy patients reflects our achievements and exceptional results in this field.

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Go through the stories of real patients who shared their experiences and found relief with our stem cell treatment.


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Know everything about stem cells and the recent advancements in the field of stem cell research in our latest articles.

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Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis: The Latest Treatment Options

Stem cell therapy has reshaped the healthcare landscape significantly. Athletes, actors, musicians, and working individuals are praising the benefits and success of this holistic medical approach. Mesenchymal stem cells have regenerative, immunomodulatory, and anti-inflammatory properties that can reverse the effects and cure several deadly illnesses. Millions of people around the...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some pressing questions for our patients from Charlotte, NC, USA related to our medical tourism offers and procedures in Mexico -

There is no specific cost for stem cell treatment. The pricing plans vary for different individuals depending on their illness, age, gender, medical history, location, and the source of the MSCs.

Absolutely. Our stem cell clinic is a renowned choice for people from all over the world who want to experience improved health, first-class healthcare, and the beauty of Mexico. So, whether you are traveling from Carolina or any other city in the USA, the answer remains the same.

Mexico is the country with the cheapest stem cell treatment options. Enhanced technologies, certified doctors, the latest tools, and the effectiveness of our treatment techniques have significantly reduced the costs of this treatment in comparison to other countries.

Only one therapy session is enough to help you recover from a wide range of fatal conditions. However, 3 stem cell injections are given to the patient over 5 days to complete one session of administration.

It depends. Medicare is applicable only for stem cell treatment approved by the FDA. This includes post-cancer stem cell therapy. However, Medicare is not applicable for MSC administration. So, we request our patients to promptly prepare for their stem cell treatment accordingly once a pricing quotation is given for their administration plan.

Stem cell treatment has a high success rate as it promotes the body’s regenerative abilities to reinforce cell repair and replacement. Test reports highlight that 92% of patients who received stem cell therapy are healthy and active after 3 years of treatment.

No. Stem cell therapy follows a non-invasive and non-surgical approach. It is administered via the veins or through injections that do not cause pain or side effects. Contrarily, it promotes your health and helps you get back to regular life at the earliest.

The stem cells are introduced to the affected areas locally. For example, people with knee pain receive their doses through the knee while patients with shoulder damage get their stem cells through the shoulders. Local injections are utilized to treat one injury while intravenous techniques are applied in case of multiple injuries so that the stem cells can spread throughout the entire bloodstream.

It is advised not to lift heavy weights for the first few weeks after the administration of stem cells. Consult with your medical expert to understand further limitations.

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