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Stem Cell Therapy For
Autoimmune Diseases

Achieve a better quality of well-being by overcoming autoimmune diseases and enhancing immune system function with our regenerative stem cell treatment.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Advanced Stem Cell Treatment For Autoimmune Disorders

The application of stem cells for autoimmune disorders is very promising as it has shown improvement in symptoms in patients post-treatment. Stem cells restore and regenerate damaged tissues and enhance the immune system that gets impacted by the autoimmune condition. Besides healing damaged cells and tissues, it regulates the immunomodulatory properties which turns off harmful pathological responses and preserves the ability of the immune system to fight off the disease. We use mesenchymal stem cells isolated from the human umbilical cord to support the body with the production of anti-inflammatory agents, T regulatory cells, monocytes, etc. to protect against immunological self-attack.


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Get to know everything in detail about the causes and symptoms of autoimmune diseases and how stem cell therapy can help in their treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions raised by the patients associated with stem cell therapy for autoimmune diseases.

The key role of the body’s immunity system is to fight against germs, infections, bacteria, and hostile viruses entering our body from outside. Instead of protecting us against diseases, when the immune system starts attacking its own healthy cells, tissues, and organs, the condition is called an autoimmune disorder.

Stem cells when administered into the patient’s body generate healthy tissues and also repair damaged tissues affecting the immune system. They effectively slow down the progression of tissue damage and support healing. Stem cell treatment performs a dual action – promotes cell repair and regulates the immune response, preventing further damage. As a result of this combined effect, the patients experience improvements in terms of alleviation of symptoms like fever, fatigue, pain, and inflammation.

Treatment for stem cells in autoimmune disease is a new-age advanced treatment that brings promising hopes for patients with serious symptoms whose quality of life is also affected. However, you need to understand each individual’s body is different and various factors determine whether you are capable of receiving stem cell treatment or not. The doctors at our institute in Mexico evaluate every patient’s case separately and go through every aspect of their health status like age, weight, the severity of the symptoms, etc. before making a conclusive decision regarding the patient’s eligibility.

There are multiple reasons why we use allogeneic human umbilical cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (HUCT-MSCs) instead of using stem cells from the patient’s own body.


  • Umbilical cord tissue stands out as one of the richest sources of stem cells because it yields a higher quantity and superior quality of stem cells.
  • Stem cells derived from umbilical cord tissue are immune-system privileged. Therefore, there is no rejection when administered in the body.
  • The use of Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells (UC-MSC) eliminates the need for invasive procedures associated with bone marrow or adipose-derived stem cells of the patient’s own body. This process is painful, and uncomfortable, and often yields lower quantities and inferior quality of stem cells.
  • Evidence suggests that UC-MSCs are a more viable source compared to other Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) sources, demonstrating superior natural healing.
  • UC-MSCs can be safely administered multiple times which accumulates additional benefits with each application.
  • In contrast to steroid injections, which can worsen joint damage with frequent administration, UC-MSCs provide a safer and more beneficial alternative.
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