Stem Cell Therapy and Treatment for Chronic Knee Pain in Mexico
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Stem Cell Therapy For
Knee Pain

Is constant knee pain disrupting your daily life? Consider stem cell therapy for knees and achieve regenerative self-healing without surgery.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Reliable Stem Cell Treatment For Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain affects your everyday physical activities by causing inflammation in the joints and reducing the range of motion. You may find difficulty in walking a few steps or climbing stairs. Stem cell therapy for knee pain effectively addresses the cause of the pain and provides relief. Injecting allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells into the targeted areas of your knees aids in self-healing by regenerating worn-out tissues and cartilage. You can get back to an active and energetic life with your knees functioning properly without any persistent pain.


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Learn about the causes of knee pain, the benefits of stem cell treatment for knee pain, the procedure, and everything else associated with the therapy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our patients often come to us with some questions before considering stem cell therapy for knee pain. We’ve answered some of them.

Stem cell therapy can assist patients experiencing symptoms of osteoarthritis (OA) by enhancing their range of motion, mitigating inflammation, reducing stiffness, potentially delaying or avoiding the need for surgery, and enabling them to engage in their favorite activities. The reasons why you should consider stem cell therapy over knee surgery are –


  • Stem cell treatment stimulates self-healing processes.
  • Compared to surgery, stem cell treatment is minimally invasive.
  • Stem cell treatment represents a more holistic and natural approach.
  • Patients tend to experience quicker recovery after stem cell treatment.

Presently, stem cell therapy shows the highest success rates in alleviating chronic pain associated with specific body areas like knees. Stem cells excel in the repair of damaged ligaments and tendons which leads to enhanced joint stability and strength.

Wharton’s jelly (WJ) is an allogenic connective tissue found in the human umbilical cord. It provides resilience against torsional and compressive forces that the umbilical arteries endure during fetal development. Within the umbilical cord’s Wharton’s jelly (UC-WJ), you can find primitive mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). These perinatal MSCs share similarities with embryonic stem cells (ESCs) while possessing many characteristics of adult MSCs. Wharton’s jelly stands out for having the highest concentration of MSCs per milliliter compared to other tissue types.

The key advantages of using allogeneic HUCT mesenchymal stem cells for treating knee pain and osteoarthritis are summarized below –


  • Stem cells are not needed to collect from the patient’s hip bone or fat which is a complicated and painful process.


  • Evidence shows that stem cells sourced from human umbilical cord tissues are more robust than stem cells derived from other sources.


  • There is no need for the administration of chemotherapy drugs like G-CSF for bone marrow stimulation for the production of stem cells and granulocytes to release into the bloodstream.


  • Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) matching is not necessary in HUCT mesenchymal stem cells and the possibility of cell rejection is not there because these stem cells have high immunity.


  • The stem cells are carefully screened and chosen based on their immune capacity, regeneration capabilities, and anti-inflammatory activity.


  • Allogenic HUCT mesenchymal stem cells are administered with uniform dosages having large cell counts multiple times throughout the treatment course.


  • Tissues present in the human umbilical cord are sources of mesenchymal stem cells in abundance.


  • UC-derived Wharton’s jelly also boasts a high content of extracellular matrix (ECM) components such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, and sulfated proteoglycans.


This unique combination of factors, coupled with the multipotency of Wharton’s jelly stem cells (WJSCs), makes Wharton’s jelly an exceptional source of MSCs for regenerative medicine applications, especially in the field of orthopedic surgery.

The benefits of stem cell treatment for knees can differ from one patient to another because the results rely on various aspects such as their existing health status, age, medical background, the extent of joint degeneration, and more. It’s crucial to recognize that allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell injections have demonstrated some of the most notable efficacy in joint cartilage regeneration and have garnered the highest patient satisfaction levels among all our available stem cell treatments. However, patients receiving this therapy should not form unrealistic expectations of an assured cure.

Yes, stem cell interventions are also effective in treating chronic back pain and spinal damage. Administration of stem cells in the spinal cord supports the repair of damaged tissues and the self-renewal of cells to provide pain relief.  Apart from knee and back pain, we offer stem cell treatment for shoulder pain caused by sports injuries or any other reason.

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