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Life Altering Stem Cell Therapy Institute (LASCTI) is a renowned center that offers care and support to patients in Alberta, Canada, who require cellular therapy for various health ailments.

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Alberta to Mexico Medical Tourism For Stem Cell Treatment

If you are from Alberta, Canada, looking for medical care abroad, LASCTI is one of the leading places to consider seriously. Located in Mazatlán, Mexico, our center is working on improving clinical outcomes of cell-based therapy and offering the best possible treatment for devastating diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many more. The advanced cell therapy procedures at our stem cell center for Alberta patients have opened new frontiers of possibilities in combating life-impacting diseases. Embarking on a cross-country trip for medical purposes is thrilling, especially when your ultimate destination is Mazatlán, the cosmopolitan city in Mexico. Filled with scenic landscapes, beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and luxurious resorts, Mazatlán is a popular destination for both Albertan and international tourists.


Know More About Stem Cell Therapy In Alberta

Life Altering Stem Cell Therapy Institute offers patients renewed hope and an opportunity to start a healthier, happier, and independent life. Learn in detail about stem cell therapy at our institute for patients in Alberta, Canada.

Why People Trust Life Altering Stem Cell Therapy Institute

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20+ Conditions Treated

Our stem cell therapy is a new ray of hope for patients from chronic and life-impacting diseases.

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Experienced Doctors

Get exceptional treatment and care from top-qualified and highly experienced doctors and stem cell specialists.

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Advanced Stem Cell Treatment

We use allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells derived from the umbilical cord to treat complex health conditions.

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1,200+ Satisfied Patients

Our long list of 1,200+ super happy patients reflects our achievements and exceptional results in this field.

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Let’s See What Our Patient Says

Go through the stories of real patients who shared their experiences and found relief with our stem cell treatment.


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Know everything about stem cells and the recent advancements in the field of stem cell research in our latest articles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are from Alberta, Canada, you may have questions regarding stem cell therapy in our center in Mexico. We're here to answer them!

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because various factors influence the cost of stem cell therapy. It primarily depends on several factors, such as the patient’s condition, the type and severity of the disease, and the number of stem cell doses.

Our accredited clinic in Mexico ensures that your stem cell therapy experience is safe and comfortable. Our stem cell therapy procedures are highly regulated and performed under the clinical supervision of top experts. By complying with international medical standards and having a team of certified medical professionals and trained staff, etc., we are able to provide top-notch quality treatments to patients coming from Alberta. We give them specialized attention and care to ensure they get a pleasant and homely environment. Further, we maintain utmost transparency and honesty in treatment advice and planning through efficient and clear communication between doctors and patients. Further, we offer bilingual support to Alberta patients who don’t understand Spanish to make them feel at ease while in Mazatlan.

A representative from Life Altering Stem Cell Therapy Institute will be awaiting your arrival outside of customs and will accompany you to the clinic.

Stem cell therapy offers sustainable relief and improved body function through tissue repair and regeneration. The treatment’s effectiveness typically lasts anywhere from six months to three years. However, research and clinical trial results suggest that results may last longer depending on the number of stem cell doses administered and the stage of the disease.

Life Altering Stem Cell Therapy Institute is a renowned stem cell therapy clinic offering cost-effective treatment options for patients from Alberta, Canada. It is a pioneer in regenerative medicine and offers cutting-edge treatments for various debilitating diseases, from autoimmune disorders to orthopedic conditions, neurological diseases, and cardiac issues. You can directly schedule a consultation with our medical expert to learn about stem cell therapy and its costs.

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