Steps and Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Recovery
Benefits of Revolutionary Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Ischemic Stroke

Benefits of Revolutionary Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Ischemic Stroke

Stem cell therapy for post-stroke survivors helps improve cell replacement and enhances the neuroprotective abilities of the patient. 15 million stroke cases are reported by the World Health Organization annually. There are more than 80 million stroke survivors, out of which 70% of patients experienced ischemic stroke. Magnetic resonance angiography and brain CT scan can successfully detect a stroke attack. Mesenchymal stem cells play a pivotal role in regulating the immune system of patients who undergo this deadly cerebrovascular condition, ischemic stroke.

What are the Causes of Ischemic Stroke?

Ischemic stroke causes excitotoxic cell death, apoptosis, necrosis, and autophagy. Oxygen and blood supply to the brain are stopped when a patient experiences a stroke. Naturally, the brain is unable to process feelings and information. Blood clots in the artery and plaque in the blood vessels of the brain are the primary causes of ischemic stroke. Stenosis is another cause of this type of stroke due to the reduction of the artery passage. Transient ischemic attacks are the preliminary signs of conceiving a stroke. This entails the possibility of a bigger stroke attack.

Numbness, stiffness, confusion, and headaches that you experience suddenly and without any significant reasons are signs of ischemic stroke. However, these signs are non-conclusive. Nevertheless, speech difficulty, walking problems, and vision impairment are serious signs that a patient may experience a stroke. Physical, mental, and cognitive weaknesses are common problems experienced by stroke survivors. History of cardiac arrests, hypertension, high levels of cholesterol, sickle cell disease, birth control pills, drug abuse, and obesity are several factors that can cause a stroke.


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What are Advanced Stem Cell Solutions for Stroke Patients? 

Stroke rehabilitation stem cell treatment has significantly improved the living conditions of stroke survivors. Here are the 5 steps to provide regenerative medicine to stroke survivors –

Stem Cell Therapy Administration Eligibility

It is paramount to consider and evaluate several eligibility factors for a stroke patient before stem cell therapy is administered. The age, type of stroke, stroke severity, affected area of the brain, and the type of stem cells considered for the treatment plan are vital factors to certify a candidate for stem cell therapy.

Mode of Stem Cell Administration

Location-specific targeting for stem cell administration and intravenous (IV) infusions of stem cells are the best techniques to cure patients in the post-stroke recovery state. In most cases, experts create a customized plan for each individual who seeks stem cell treatment. The stem cells are introduced within the body through the veins that accelerate the regeneration abilities of the affected brain tissues.

Administration Protocol Compliance

Biomedical protocols are followed for safe stem cell therapy administration. Experts assess your condition, symptoms, and other criteria for a precise administration process.

Follow-Up on Treatment and Recovery

The results vary for each individual, and predicting the patient’s response time to the treatment is difficult. So, checking with the patients after periodic intervals is critical to determine their response to the stem cell treatment. Both patients and medical coordinators may have unresolved queries. The follow-up sessions help to address and resolve these issues for peace of mind and assurance. The total time for full recovery from the stroke attack after the stem cell therapy treatment is unprecedented. Following up with patients helps to identify if their brain functioning is enhanced. Also, it prevents the chance of future stroke attacks.


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What are the Benefits of Stem Cell Interventions in Stroke Recovery Treatment?

Ischemic stroke survivors experience rapid therapeutic benefits with the help of stem cell therapy during post-stroke treatment. Let us guide you through some noteworthy benefits of choosing this neurogenic therapy for stroke recovery –


  • Revival of Neuron – Stimulate neuron regeneration in the brain with the help of human umbilical cord tissue-derived (Wharton’s Jelly) mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to regulate blood and oxygen circulation within the stroke-affected region of the brain.


  • Tissue Regeneration – Stem cell therapy accelerates the production of tiny protein molecules known as chemokines in the ischemic areas, significantly repairing and regenerating the tissues in the affected brain region.


  • Neurogenesis – Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) promote repairing and replacing damaged neurons with new healthy ones to improve and reverse the effects of ischemic stroke. This technique is known as neurogenesis.


  • Revitalization of Blood Vessels – Ischemic tissues in the brain are damaged during a stroke due to plaque or blockades in the arteries. Stem cell therapy stimulates the formulation of new blood vessels within the affected brain areas to restore healthy mental and physical abilities.


  • Active Immunomodulators – Stem cells are natural immunomodulators that enhance the abilities of your immune system for improved response to numerous conditions. In this case, they help to replace and repair damaged brain cells that are affected due to the stroke.


Additionally, stem cell therapy for stroke recovery offers more benefits such as stamina, energy, and muscle strength improvement, enhanced balance, mobility, and coordination, improved flexibility and strengthening of the joints, vision enhancement, attention and memory improvement, refined speech and facial movement, and independence of eating and swallowing.



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